I’ve never written anything like this before. Thanks to Debbi Voisey for giving me the idea and the impetus.


Harry placed his token in the slider. He pulled the chain to release the trolley but it stuck. He growled and pulled again. The chain was still jammed. A young man in a supermarket uniform approached, produced a screwdriver and prised the thing out. Now he was able to amble into the supermarket. 
“Calm down,” his wife, Carol, told him.
“Calm down,” Harry shouted. “The bastard thing almost ate my token.”
In the fruit and veg aisle, there was a bear. A seven foot brown creature standing on its hind legs. It tore open a pack of Cox’s and guzzled them down. Harry nudged his wife.
“Did you see that?”
“Certainly did,” she said. “Seems to be enjoying those pears now.” 
Harry approached a woman who was stocking the citrus fruit.
“Oh Bruin.” She poured a box of limes into a compartment. “He comes most Fridays at this time. Makes a lot of noise but he’s quite safe.”
Carol dropped a package into the trolley. “You like these,” she said. “Victorias.” She kept one eye on Bruin though. Just in case.
Harry meanwhile reached out for blueberries. He couldn’t grab them though because his claws had grown too long. Instead he crushed the fruit and roared with delight at the sweet smell. He dropped to all fours to eat the berries but banged his head on the trolley. He stood again and began to growl and prowl. Other shoppers dropped their baskets, some ran from the store. 
The manager arrived to find Carol stroking her husband’s shoulders.
“I’ll take him home,” she said. “Sorry.”
She took hold of Harry’s collar. He bellowed but allowed himself to be led out.
“What have I become?” he said as he cringed in the car.
Carol scowled at him. “I don’t know what’s got into you,” she snapped. “You’re like a bear with a sore head.”

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